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DN80 Air & Dirt Separators

FlexEJ’s own UK design and build, helps keep a closed water system clean, improving efficiency.


DN80 Air & Dirt Separators

FlexEJ's DN80 Air & Dirt Separators can be used in both heating and cooling systems. Designed and developed by us having listened to and understood the industry's requirements. FlexEJ's DN80 Air & Dirt Separators are the cost-effective and reliable solution.

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Overview: FlexEJ's DN80 Air & Dirt Separators are designed for use on all types of HVAC Heating and Cooling circuits, pressure rating from 10 Barg @ 110 DegC. The full range is available on the main FlexEJ web site.

Range overview: 
FEJ.AXD-40Flanged DN40 PN16Nominal flow rate 7.6 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s
FEJ.AXD-50Flanged DN50 PN16Nominal flow rate 12.2 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s
FEJ.AXD-65Flanged DN65 PN16Nominal flow rate 20.4 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s
FEJ.AXD-80Flanged DN80 PN16Nominal flow rate 28.2 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s
FEJ.AXD-100Flanged DN100 PN16Nominal flow rate 47.6 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s
FEJ.AXD-125Flanged DN125 PN16Nominal flow rate 72.3 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s
FEJ.AXD-150Flanged DN150 PN16Nominal flow rate 103.3 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s


Typical applications: 
Cooling water
HT Heating water
LT Heating water
Typical Environments: 

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